Best Websites for Freelancers in 2023

Furthermore, they can use other digital tools like 3D modeling software (such as Autodesk Maya) to create animations that add dimensionality to their work. I’m a freelance photographer based in the UK and have tried Upwork, Toptal and Fiverr. You’ve got to invest a lot of time into Upwork to compete with the established users and after 6 months still haven’t landed anything. Fiverr was a terrible experience with freelancers trying to undercut each other for work.

  • To find a specific job, simply fill out the search box with related keywords.
  • Red Hat works with higher level clients in general, and employs freelancers and remote workers to help their clients with everything from software development to sales.
  • Side note—if you’re considering starting a podcast of your own one day, be sure to check out my picks for the best podcast hosting platforms on the market today.
  • Many companies hire freelance programmers because they can get more done faster than hiring an entire staff full-time.
  • More than anything else, this motivates me to perfect my Angular skills so I can repay the favor to others.

All you need is a passion to start your career in freelancing and you can earn well. You can start with a certain expertise in any subject or hobby. Your earnings will increase once you have enough experience in the field. For example, it’s possible to do freelance customer service for a company, both full-time or part-time. But your hourly rate will be just a fraction of the best-paying freelance jobs above. Graphic designers with a few years experience can find high-paying freelance jobs.

Best Websites for Freelancers in 2023

With all the uncertainty we’ve faced over the past couple of years, it’s no wonder people are looking to take control of their financial future. We chose Working Not Working (WNW) as the best site for finding creative freelance jobs because of its high-quality listings and freelance-friendly features. Craigslist lists jobs and gigs across dozens of categories, including but not limited to finance, marketing, general labor, domestic work, IT, education, writing and editing, and more. To apply to a job posting, simply respond to the listing with a courteous, professional email, or follow the instructions to apply through an external site, if applicable. The best websites for freelancers have vetting processes that instill confidence in workers and employers by weeding out scam artists or other undesirable profiles. Some serve a broad range of industries while others might specialize in one or a few areas of freelance work.

Chat assistants are in high demand as they provide customer support through online chat mediums. You’ll spend your days doing tons of research as an SEO specialist. Once you’re ready to start, they offer an affordable online course that will teach you everything you need to what freelancing know about becoming a successful proofreader. The freedom and flexibility that comes with freelancing are significant benefits for many people, including stay-at-home moms, students, and retirees. Programmers create code and software applications for operating systems.

Freelance Instructor

Another one of the highest-paying freelance jobs is a business consultant. A social media manager typically creates engaging content for social media accounts, keeps track of updating company websites, and even takes and edits photos for posting online. Account execs create relationships with new accounts and work to increase business opportunities for companies and clients.

popular freelancing professions

Additional skills in this area can include ad creation, analytics tracking, and engaging directly with the brand’s audience. Depending on your educational and professional background, you might see jobs for anything from daily bookkeeping to tax accounting, business accounting, and even fractional CFO positions. Of course, editing can be much more involved than just copyediting.

Her areas of expertise include making money, investing, and money management. Tutoring online involves teaching students in an interactive digital classroom. Depending on what type of online tutoring job you’ll choose, you might teach a group of students or host a one-on-one class.

popular freelancing professions

Whatever your field, especially if you’re a creative, you should have a LinkedIn profile. Keeping your profile up to date helps you build your network and connect with people via the integrated messaging system. Assemble is a highly curated network of creatives including directors, copywriters, creative directors, photographers, editors, motion artists and more.

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